"I never wanted to make art my profession. Art should become my life! "

Juan Manuel VÁZQUEZ Iglesias was born on June 24th 1953 in Cardenas (Cuba).

Already at an early age Vazquez discovered his passion for art. What initially occupied him only theoretically, became a more and more important part of his life. Vazquez's thirst for knowledge about anything related to art was almost insatiable. Initially his interest was equally in all artists, styles and eras. As long as it was art, it was good. Vazquez quickly knew it wouldn’t be enough to make art his profession. Art should be his life!

In 1974 Vazquez graduated as an artist at the Cubanacan Academy of Art in Havana. He then graduated as an art teacher at the Art Institute Juan Marinello. Until 2013 Vazquez painted exclusively with oil on canvas. Today he uses acrylic only.

Today Vazquez lives very withdrawn in Matanzas (Cuba). His everyday life is dominated by painting.

"I get up for art and go to sleep to get up for art again!“

His studio, a 20 sqm large arbor, is located in the garden behind Vázquez’ house. The walls are so full of color that you can only guess the white primer. Colors are everywhere, used brushes, wet color palettes and slurred wipes. Paintings leaning against the walls. Some already done, some in progress. You see sketches, ideas, inspirations.

Here Vazquez spends not only most of his day but also most of the night.

"Painting is like a drug to me. I can not stop, I always want more! "

Meanwhile Vazquez is not only one of the most respected artists in Cuba, he also enjoys worldwide interest. Almost every week people from all over the world knock on his door, because they are interested in his works.

"Painting is my life, art is my world. Everyone who cares about my life and my world is welcome."